Wholesale Waist Trainer Every Mom Should Know

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Let's talk about how to back in shape after pregnancy.

Being pregnant and giving birth to two beautiful daughters was an exciting time as well as being the toughest part. I experienced many changes in my body shape, from 50 kilograms to 85 kilograms. The problem is, this weight doesn't go down even though my child is already out of the womb!

Losing weight and regaining my body shape takes quite a long time for me. I did many things, from consulting a nutritionist to adjust my diet, following the treatment from the slimming center Surabaya, to regularly wearing some waist trainer belts.

I could say that the wholesale waist trainer belt was a lifesaver after I gave birth. I've tried a variety of waist trainers, from “Kendit” (it’s Javanese term for a long belt waist trainer) to the modern ones with added tummy control stickers. The Kendit model is the one commonly used by Javanese women after giving birth. However, I am not comfortable using it. Every mother will have different preferences and that’s totally fine. It depends on our body conditions and our comfort as well.

Therefore, in this post, I am writing about how to regain body shape based on my personal experience. I will also give recommendations for a waist trainer that fits your body shape, body condition, and goals after giving birth. Please stay tuned until the last paragraph, Mother!

Various Types of Wholesale Waist Trainer

First thing first, you need to know that a waist trainer is different from a corset. The main difference that we can see immediately is in the form and second in its material. Corsets usually have a kind of stiff wire that is made to follow the shape of the body. Sometimes, there are some corsets after pregnancy too. In addition, in the fashion industry, corsets also have straps at the back. This is different from waist trainers, which are often cordless and have a material with a latex core and a hook closure on the front. This detailed goal is to make an effortless process for users.

These materials are also different. There are corsets that use cotton, satin, and some are leather. Again, some corsets do exist for fashion purposes. We commonly see women wearing corsets for hanging out. Meanwhile, waist trainers use latex, nylon, or spandex. And the goal is clear: to shape our body.

I've experienced four different types of waist trainers and corsets for my body shape process. First, the Kendit model. Second, the octopus corset model. Third, the conventional corset which is more firm and has many hooks. Fourth, a special waist trainer for mothers after cesarean delivery made from nano bamboo.

wholesale waist trainer, waist dear review, waist dear price, corset after pregnancy, how to back in shape after pregnancy, how to back in shape after c section, corset after c section
I called this model as "Kendit". But its name is Black Latex Tummy Wrap Compression Band (source: Waist Dear).

The journey to choose a waist trainer can be so winding. This is because one type of waist trainer may look good on others, but not on our bodies. For that, I have some suggestions for those of you who want to find the best waist trainer for your body after giving birth.

First, learn the condition of your body

How much have you gained weight? Which part of the body has increased fat? Let's see this thing first. There are some mothers who experience changes of the stomach only. However, there are also those who experience drastic changes in thigh and breast shape. Let’s focus on our own body.

Second, define your goals

Why do you want to use a waist trainer? Is it to help condense body fat, help improve posture, lift the position of the breasts, or is there another purpose? There are various types of waist trainers that will provide you with the best materials and facilities to achieve your goals. Different goals may need a different waist trainer too.

Third, be selective in choosing a waist trainer

Remember what I said above: what suits other people doesn't necessarily suit us. If you have a large enough budget to try various waist trainers, you can search according to your body's desires and needs. However, if you have a limited budget, look for a store or brand that provides a several selection of waist trainers with finest quality and as well as price information.

Where to Find The Best Wholesale Waist Trainer?

Before you form your decision to buy waist trainer or corset after c section or after delivery, it's a good idea to do some research on Google or read other users' testimonials on social media. Some YouTubers also often provide useful reviews for our research material.

Actually you can just buy it at the nearest store. Though, you’ll face very limited options and may not meet your needs. Here’s my suggestion: find the best waist trainer on Waist Dear. Simply because Waist Dear is a wholesale brand and has become China's leading shapewear factory and manufacturer since 2011.

Waist Dear also invests heavily in product development and technology to make the best waist trainers for us. Not surprisingly, they already have a large number of customers from all over the world and they have even appeared at an event in Las Vegas in 2019. Waist Dear offers products that make women look good and feel comfortable in their own skin and body. If you want to order OEM and ODM, Waist Dear also serves well. You just type waistdear.com to find out everything you need to know about waistdear waist trainer.

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Waist trainer which supports your tummy, back, and breast. Such a perfect option!

The good news is.. the collection products at Waist Dear are very complete! You’ll see the Kendit model (they call it a Latex Tummy Wrap Compression Band) to those that are able to provide support for the breast shape. I'm pretty sure you’ll meet a variety of waist trainer options that can be a solution for postpartum mothers.

Always Remember That Waist Trainer Is Not A Shortcut

Last but not least, I need to say that the waist trainer is not a shortcut way to shape the ideal body after giving birth. Waist trainers, with all the goodness of its materials and technology, are definitely able to help us shape our bodies proportionally. However, maintaining a healthy diet and having regular exercise are certainly very essential for us. Combine these three things, I am confident enough to say that you will achieve your goal of shaping your body and take the happy feeling and healtier body as a bonus!

Have you ever used a waist trainer before? Can’t wait to hear your story. Feel free to tell me about your experience in the comment field.

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  1. It's not easy to make body more slimming after pregnant. But luckily, now we have waist trainer to help get ideal body. But of course this is not a shortcut. We still doing some reguler exercise to shape our body!

    Thank you for your review.

  2. Aku baca artikel ini dengan bantuan terjemahannya. Jadi aku berkomentar sesuai bahasaku aja ya. Hehehe

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    Ini bisa jadi pelajaran buatku menghadapi persalinan kalau aku menikah dan melahirkan nanti.

  3. Thanks for the info. My mother is using this kind of waist but it is because she has backache.

  4. the Kendit model (they call it Latex Tummy Wrap Compression Band) looks more efficient because it can streamline the stomach as well as shape the breasts

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    Especially with the waist trainer, of course this is very helpful for you mom

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    Selain harus jaga pola makan, perlu juga pakai waist trainer ini ya mbak

  12. Keren banget ya korsetnya. Bikin body jadi ramping. Boleh nih di coba buat perut aku yang nge-gelambir. Wkwk

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